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We take great pride in our gift-shop and work hard to bring you the unique and different lines the big Park concessionaires miss in their attempt to maximize profit with large contract buys. In fact we have close to 300 individual gift-shop vendors bringing in items like chainsaw carved bears, animal figurines, Fimo, pocket knives, music, pottery, and many Yellowstone souvenirs. We specialize in rustic mountain cabin items like tepee lamps, placemats, special Indian pottery, hat and coat racks, wildlife tapestries or blankets, cookie jars, framed wildlife prints, wall clocks, and crystal wildlife pieces. 

We make a special effort when buying authentic handmade Zuni, Navajo and Hopi Indian jewelry and fetishes. We are very particular which traders we will work with as many lines are ridden with foreign knockoffs of Indian designs, complete with mock signatures and authentic looking fake acrylic stonework. This is a very big problem in the industry and we recommend buying only from a reputable shop.


Somebody say stuffed, as in stuffed animals?
Like toy stuffed cuddly bears? We’ve got one of the largest selections of stuffed Teddy bears in the Greater Yellowstone Area. Did you know the term Teddy bear was a popular name for the very first toy stuffed bears, which coincidently happened about the same time President Teddy Roosevelt went on a bear hunting expedition?  We try to carry as much high quality stuffed toy lines as practical and stay with just the very best items in the line. Angela knows her stuffed toys; she’s what you might call a plush expert. We have stuffed moose, stuffed buffalo, stuffed wolves, stuffed grizzlies, stuffed bears, and even stuffed Mountain sheep; white, blue, pink, green, black, and even brown!

Speaking of moose, we buy almost every moosey toy we can get our hands on. Between moose and bears, they’re everywhere, inside and out!

We also have an extensive garment, T-shirt, and hat department. We purchase designs with extensive use of namedrops like Yellowstone, Pahaska Tepee, and Wyoming. 

Our clothing comes with all the big animal designs like wolves, bears, moose, and elk. We find with the cool summer nights a nice comfy, fuzzy jacket is in order and we have many to choose from.

If its vacation supplies you need we probably have them! Camping supplies, post cards, stamps, batteries, memory cards, phone cards, wooden toy guns, film and camera supplies, and even mood rings are in our spacious gift shop.

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